Research and Preparation ðŸ˜€

For those of you on existing classes now is the time to start gathering together your ideas, visions, and any research!

Treat yourself to a new sketch pad and begin to make some new marks with your various pencils (I recommend B to B8), charcoal and line pens.

For those of you on Art Workshop Class in Birmingham please collect images of portraits, whether photos of loved ones, heroes, magazine or newspaper images of someone, etc. Make sure it’s a clear image of your chosen person. Also, remember to bring a portable MIRROR.

For those of you on Vintage Crafts please gather ideas of an event in your life you would like to illustrate in textiles. You will need a base fabric, wadding, threads, needles, scissors, fabric glue, sketch pad, images, various off cuts of fabrics. Start thinking of colours you would like to help illustrate your event, colour co-ordination, what do the colours portray to you and others. We will discuss all on our first class back 😀 The piece can be small or large, just keep in mind sizes of frames (if you wish it to be framed!).

See you all soon!