New Art Class in Solihull

For each Wednesday please bring 🎨✏️🎉

table cover


drawing board (at least A3 size, but it needs to be comfortable for you to carry)

masking tape

kitchen roll

old news paper, wet cloth, wipes

plastic bags to pop wet items in, and keep your work dry in case it’s wet outside!

I suggest: B-B8 pencils, sharpener


sketch pad

drawing paper A3 size


NB: It’s unlikely that we will start painting this week, so for the following weeks:-

painting materials: including a non-breakable paint pot for water,

acrylic paint

acrylic paper

brushes for acrylic paint

palette knife, 2 x palettes.

Cling film to pop over your pallets to take home so you can carry on using the paint.

An image/photo/etc that you would like to paint over the next few weeks.

When choosing your image bear in mind the frame size you would like to use for your finished painting.  Also choose the acrylic paint paper to fit the frame (preferably with an allowance for a mounting board too).

See you next Wednesday!