Stay cool and paint!

It might be sweltering outside but keep the blinds closed and enter the world of creating!

It’s worth printing out colour images and saving them in a protective file as you come across different topics. I’ve built up a wonderful image library over the decades! I keep them in sections (to be honest there are so many I have different book files!) and on a day like this a quick flip through soon motivates me into creating my next new acrylic painting (if I haven’t one on the go!).

Select your colour palette, take a deep breath and off you go into a wonderful colourful world! Happy painting! 🎉 🎨

Ikon Gallery Reopens Exhibiting Deep Sea

So excited that my artwork Deep Sea will be exhibited at the famous Ikon Gallery in Birmingham in May 2021!

Life is moving forwards and returning to normal! What a way to celebrate!

The artwork describes my experiences diving, the plants, colours, light, fish. It’s another world!

Artwork for sale through @ikongallery

Deep Sea

Big News, Good News in Lockdown!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago when I ran and jumped through sheer joy of being surrounded by art, other art students, paint, clay, textiles etc al…I was an art student 👩‍🎓

Every Friday morning we went into the other campus to take part in the history of art module at Birmingham Polytechnic. In the afternoon I worked at the Ikon Gallery when it was sited in John Bright Street.

Well, full circle! One of my artworks has been accepted for exhibition there 💕 So happy! So many brilliant memories too! Can’t wait 🖼

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

To quote the Clash in their famous 1982 release, that is the question!

With private art classes on hold during the Coronavirus19 pandemic and my artwork happily temporarily residing in galleries across Birmingham and Warwickshire do I need my website?

I can not decide since my artwork sales are through the galleries and my private art classes are closed for the duration of the pandemic. Marketing gurus may ask what is your long term goal? I would answer to continue selling through galleries and to restart private classes when we can all return to normal. So, stay with the website or go and rely on social media and galleries? Answers on a DM 🙂

Designing for Christmas!

It might sound strange but come August Christmas card designs for private clients started!

Researching trends and colours for this year and design ideas resulted in one of the designs: Christmas in a Bottle. Work in progress… 🎅🏻

One of the Christmas card designs showing work in progress, 2020

Come October I will be encouraging students to create their own designs to send out to their loved ones 💕 🎄