It’s That Wonderful Busy Time of Year!

We’re all gearing up for the best time of the year whilst still trying to complete work and the rest of life zooms on!

At times it can seem impossible but we just have to carry on…planning your time so that work and play can be achieved really helps!

Have a Specific goal in mind and the smaller or less important things that need to be fitted around it. Use a month by month calendar to help. How will you Measure your success? Is your goal Achievable? Be fair to yourself and set Realistic goal(s) that are Relevant (don’t go off piste! What will you have to do in order that it/they can be achieved in the Time available to you? This is the SMART way to achieve short and long term goals.

Whether preparing for your GCSE’s, A’levels, Diploma or Higher Education now is the time to sit and plan how your goal will be achieved in the allowable time. Don’t put it off, plan now then you are able to use your Christmas holidays most advantageously! Put in: time out/play time too as rewards can really help with motivation! “I will complete the xx design / coursework before xx’s party” 🎊 “I will complete the next section of work before xx event.”

Planning pays off. You can achieve great things ⭐️