Excitement Gathers!

I never get over the thrill when a new gallery would like to see my work with the prospect of selling it!  It’s such a wonderful feeling of value.

As designers and makers, please forgive me for speaking for the many, we work away with our planning, designing and making often on our own for hours!  We love our friends and our chats and sometimes someone lights up and is interested in our monologue of what we have been busy doing!  We still seem to be a small breed of people who enjoy looking, listening and discovering what an object feels like.  These things we try to transpose into our work and exude some sort of experience that we wish to convey to a viewer and customer.  So, when a gallery “gets your work” and thinks it’s “beautiful” and wants to display your work to sell it’s a joyous moment!  I haven’t got over that feeling, it’s second only to that of the joy of Christmas!