What can I say?

In years to come I will look back at this winter and now spring and ask: did that really happen?

When we were all enjoying Christmas and then celebrated New Year we had no idea what lay in store for all of us! Someone on my Twitter feed suggested writing a journal for this Coronavirus 19 period. I started writing mine on the 4th of March 2020. I have put the year lest this strange time slide into the next year. I’ve already looked back and seen it unfold. Part of it is only just sinking in now, 22 days later.

I can tell you that my love of art has taken me through many difficult times in my life. It is helping me now too. I have so many projects crying out for my attention that instead I have run into the garden and dug! Dug for victory, dug for food, dug to escape. I had thought of buying chickens! I was too late! Boris Johnson’s unprecedented restrictions halted my action. I have abided by his statement. “Stay at home.” “Protect the NHS.” “Save lives.” I have decided to embrace this life changing world wide event. It is futile not too. I must stop running away and do my artwork! I am in total admiration for those parents with school aged children. I find it hard to put my head down to work on things I love, how do they and their children feel? It’s a very confusing time and frightening too.

For the part of me that is not teaching art and craft I am a self employed artist who can’t help herself but use many media in my artwork. One idea, colour, or texture sparks off another idea in another area of my work. As I write this blog I wait to hear if the self-employed will receive help from the government. From our land of freedom and free spirit We have become socialists overnight. Here the state have worked on so many different aspects of our differing lives to help ensure that Britain and her people may continue as much as possible. They have effectively nationalised the railways, issued welfare to employees and had to plan for an unseen event. Let alone create new laws as some employers wish to escape their duty of care, and those who wish to profit.

I know an answer. I must timetable my days. I have a But! But I didn’t think it would last this long, but I thought it would all disappear, but I thought the scientists were magicians. The sand has disappeared and now is the time to write my programme of works! After all, this morning I received an enquiry about my work for sale on my website. He wishes to buy a piece for his wife as it’s their anniversary. It’s heart warming! I’ve never met you but “Happy anniversary!” x