A week later

One week later, it hasn’t changed much! Unbelievably our Prime Minister is himself struggling with the virus. What a great deal he, and his ministers have had to face, I would not be in their shoes!

I have managed to curb my need to run off out into the garden at last! Helped by the good ol’ English weather turning grey and wet! Looking for an up side on even the smallest things helps this national curfew!

It has been amazing to see and hear how the wildlife has started tiptoeing back into villages and towns. Seeing an image of a group of deer lying in someone’s front lawn in Scotland brought a smile! The pollution levels are said to have dropped, how many more natural positives are coming to light? Perhaps this is a time to give a new sense of value?

With these inspirational images of wildlife coming – it must have given me a new start. A dry felted squirrel, a goose, and many animals to come. Thank you to the beautiful wildlife of Britain!