I found myself digging!

I thought I had gotten over the need to dig in my garden in order to escape! It’s only now that I’m sitting down inside that I realise I’ve done it again!

Does it matter? I’ve seen many people on Twitter write that they find it difficult to concentrate or that they have a good day followed by a down day. Would this be true anyway, back in the recent past when everything was normal? Does anyone consistently have good days?

Yesterday was excellent! An essential trip to the shop, followed by a call on a neighbour, with a relaxed local dog walk before lunch. A lovely morning! I must have felt sufficiently assured after such a pleasant morning to spend 3 and a half hours on unpaid work on the computer, my head was spinning! I’m so unused to sitting still, staring at a screen! I came away from it having learned about Wakelet, a little about composing a new form or quiz in Outlook Forms, how to attach video links in Teams! My head was buzzing! I had a real sense of achievement though which was so good in amongst this crazy time! This is a challenge I’m really enjoying! Let’s hope the students enjoy what I create in their new online classes!

Part of me fears that this could lead to a change in the way we teach for ever. I remember in my PGCE training being asked if we could hazard a guess into what the future could hold for teaching post 16’s! I said I saw a Star Wars scenario where a lesson is transmitted into the centre of a class, the classrooms would be circular and a TA is there to keep law and order! I hope I’m wrong but you might see where I was coming from?!

As most of my students are adults and some older people I will see how many wish to take part online. Many will struggle with setting up a college email and finding their initial password. I hope they move through this to finding the right apps to download and sign in for. It’s a lot to ask. Many of my students are intelligent retirees who use the internet but are not sufficiently IT lit to know and understand the technical jargon. It’s a big ask! I hope this doesn’t exclude some, there’s enough isolation at the moment!